The Romance of Ego & Conflict: A Practical & Spiritual Guide For Improving Your Conflict & Negotiation Abilities By Dissolving Your Own Ego

Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you try staying away from conflicts, you always seem to wind up in one every now and then? It is because the very heart and source of conflict lies within you – your ego.   In this book, Asaf Shani puts ego under....

The I Win Conflict & Negotiation Approach: Compromise Less And Win More with A Better Alternative To The Win-Win Approach

Have you ever felt like you're on the losing end of the bargain after compromising? Do you wish there was something else you could have done instead? Well, there's good news for you. There is something else you could have done, something else that you can do so you you won't hav....

Negotiation Manipulation Moves: Smart And Acceptable Manipulation Tactics You Can Employ To Turn The Negotiation Odds In Your Favor

Drawing from his vast experience in the field of negotiation, Asaf Shani offers in this book, ‘Negotiation Manipulation Moves’ strategies that will make you a better negotiator.  'Better' in the sense that you'll be able to maximize your bottom line results along ....

The Matrix Of Conflict - Escaping the Matrix by understanding why we get trapped in confrontational situations

Have you ever felt, while in the middle of a confrontation, like how Neo felt in 'The Matrix' - like there was another person taking over you, saying things you never meant to say and doing things you never intended to do, so that afterwards, you feel like everything was so unreal, m....

Thats No Way To Negotiate! - Common Negotiation Mistakes And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

Whether you're a businessman unable to close a deal or a parent who can't get your kid to quit spending too much time playing games on the computer, being on the losing end of a negotiation can be quite frustrating.? The good news, though, is that it doesn't have to be t....

Negotiation Tactics - Levers, Guns & Sanctions: Pre Negotiation Moves to Bring Reluctant Parties to Collaboration

Negotiation techniques are useful — unless the other side refuses to cooperate. What then?   Asaf Shani teaches powerful techniques to make it worthwhile for the other side to negotiate during confrontational situations. These are not cliché power....

The First One to Scream, Loses - Conflict Management Techniques for Parents

Whether you're a Fortune 500 executive or a stay-at-home parent, you likely feel the same way about your kids - they make you want to scream. Well, not always . . . just at the worst possible time. The worse part, though, is when you end up screaming, you end up feeling guilty, li....

Kid-Friendly Ways To Change Behavior - Fun conflict Management Tactics For Parents

Parenting and fun are two words that are rarely combined. In fact, say those two words together out loud to a parent and you'll likely get a snort, a laugh or a roll of the eyes, if not a look that says 'You either haven't tried parenting yet or are seriously out of your mind'. Thi....
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    "A remarkable change accrued following the Consensus Building intervention we had a couple of months ago… I see higher levels of collaboration, interfaces are working smoothly, we're working more efficiently and the client's satisfaction has increased"

    CEO, Global advertising company

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    "I think all managers at our organization should take the course - over it will achieve huge organization behavior benefit"

    R & D Manager, I.B.M 

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    "It seems you've done the impossible! Skillfully navigating the situation from a crisis that might have made us lose two of our finest doctors to a solution that everybody feels happy with…"

    CEO, Major public hospital

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    "The 1:1 consulting sessions enhanced my managerial abilities and helped me both to leverage my natural abilities and taught me how to handle difficult situations."

    Pilot, 777 fleet manager

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    "TOD materials have made me a more 'Spacious' woman and help me get the promotion – V.P H.R – I long wanted"

     Ordit Mor, Large regional hospital

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    "A true master lives what he teaches. Asaf not only speaks to the danger of compromise in relationships and conflicts - he embodies that belief when he deals with you."

    Brad Boye, Boyer Communications Group

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    My professional experience has thought me not to count on Win-Win... Now I understand why, and more important than that, I got the I win approach which works so much better…"

    CEO, Global advertising company